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Perkins Sabre M92B Marine Diesel Engines
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Perkins Sabre M92 Marine Diesel Engine

91 HP @ 2400 RPM
Perkins Sabre M92B - Overview & Specifications
Maximum Power: 91 hp
Maximum RPM: 2400
Capacity: 259 cu in
Cylinders: 4 

Aspiration: Natural

Bore/Stroke:  4.02"/ 5.00"
Weight:  921 lbs
Length: 32.20"
Width:  25.60"

Height:  30.60"

Typical Fuel Consumption: 2.00 UK gal/hr (2.40 US gal/hr)

  • The new generation of 4 cylinder, 4.23 litre, direct injection marine diesel engines from the Perkins Sabre partnership.

  • Premium engine features for reliability and durability minimizes engine downtime and service costs.

  • Marina friendly design to operate free of smoke to the naked eye combined with low noise.

  • Lowest cost of ownership in its class - it pays to compare running costs.

  • Engine interchangeability - designed to have installation interchangeability with the 4.236 (M90) marine engine.

  • Unrivalled global and local service support - service available wherever you are.

Perkins Sabre M92B - Reliable & Durable Power

   This new generation engine has a pedigree of reliability inherited from its predecessors replacing the 4.236 (M90) which was the benchmark for the industry.
   Cooling is provided by gear driven fresh and sea water pumps - no longer any danger of coolant belt failure.
   Better cooling, a stronger structure along with quick starting at even lower temperatures.
   High capacity heat exchange equipment with high quality cupro-nickel tubestack.

   High capacity fuel filter with pre-filter option and water alarm facility minimizes failure due to fuel contamination.
   This new generation engine is designed to give at least 12,000 hours productive service life before needing a basic overhaul.
   Low engine rated speed to reduce wear and noise.

Perkins Sabre M92B - Low Cost of Ownership
   Operator costs are a vital consideration when deciding which engine to purchase. This is a particularly important factor in craft where operating hours are significant.

   Low fuel consumption, low cost of replacement parts and extended service intervals with up to 500 hours oil change periods (for approved applications only) means low operator costs.

   Quick, easy and economical maintenance is made possible by convenient positioning of service points for easy accessibility.

Perkins Sabre M92B - Quiet, Clean Power
   Developed from off-highway EEC and US Federal emissions legislation, the M92B is aimed at surpassing future marine legislation. These new generation engines go further for the operator and the environment by also operating free from visible smoke throughout the operating speed range.

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