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Peterborough Engine Number Location Guide

     The following graphics indicate where, on a Perkins Engine,  you can find the Engine Number.  From the Engine Number we can identify the Build List, and from the Build List we can identify the individual Part Numbers fitted in your engine. Having the Engine Number available when you contact us will help us to serve you better.
3.152  M
4.108   A
4.154 / 200 Series   B
4.165   B or G
4.203  J or N
4.212   C
4.263   C or L
4.248   C
4.318   F
4.41     H

6.247  C or F

6.354   D
V8.540   Q
V8.640   P
700 Series   K
900 Series   C
Perama / 100 Series O
Prima / 500 Series   E
Phaser / 1000 Series  H or J
Peregrine / 1300 Series   I

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