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Perkins 4.203
Fresh Water Pump

Fresh Water Pump | FWP15-203102R

Perkins 4.203 Fresh Water Pump

For the Perkins 4.203 Marine Engine

Primarily Industrial Applications

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This new water pump assembly has been fully tested at the factory and great care must be taken so that no damage is done accidently when changing your pulley. No pressure should be applied to the shaft, this can disturb the position of the internal seal resulting in a "Leaky Pump".

See below for more helpful tips.

TAD Tech-Assist

If your pulley is fitted with a nut and/or a circlip, be sure to remove it first and retain it to reuse it.

With pumps that have pulleys obscuring the mounting bolts, it is important that all mounting hardware be inserted into securing holes before commencing press fitting the pulley.

Most Important - With a "press fit" pulley, a puller should be used to remove the old pulley. Note the position of the pulley on the shaft for the re fitting procedure. Most pulleys are made of cast iron and are brittle. Attempting to remove the pulley without a puller often results in damage to the pulley. When pressing the pulley onto the shaft of the replacement pump, the impeller end of the shaft, NOT the impeller, MUST be supported. A small hand operated press is best used for this process. Full details of this process are available in your engine manual.

If you do not have access to a puller and or a press, ship us your old pump, we can remove and fit your pulley to the replacement pump being supplied by us for a $20.00 shop fee.