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Serpentine Pulley Kit
Slipping Belt Problem on your Perkins 4.107 4.108, 4.236 & Westerbeke 40 Solved

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     With more & more electronics being used on boats, the demand for more 12v DC amperage is increasing.

     If you are using a high output alternator on a Perkins 4.236. 4.107. 4.108.or Westerbeke 40 with a standard belt, you already know the problem...

     Belt dust due to slippage and the constant worry of re-tensioning the belt. The danger of a slipping belt can result in reduced life and could fail leaving the engine without the function of the fresh water circulating pump.

     The Trans Atlantic Diesels Serpentine Pulley Kit can solve your problem.  Select your engine below.

Contact us for highly competitive prices on Balmar Products.
Contact us for highly competitive prices on Balmar Products.
Adapting the
Balmar Kit to the
Cummins 5.9 6BT
Important: Tech Tip Warning!
     An over tightened belt, operated over a period of time, can cause metal fatigue on the front section of the crankshaft. This can result in failure, breaking the crankshaft at the #1 journal. This generally occurs when owners have over tightened their belt in an attempt to stop or reduce slippage. The serpentine belt will not slip using the same recommended tension as used on the V belt. Click on your engine above for more details.

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