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Westerbeke Marine Diesel Generator Sets
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Westerbeke Marine Diesel Generator Sets

Westerbeke Marine Diesel Engines


Select from the list of generator models shown below.

5.5 EDC D-NET 5.5 kW

6.5 EDT D-NET 6.5 kW

8.0 EDT D-NET 8.0 kW

10.0 EDT D-NET 10.0 kW

11.0 EDT D-NET 11.0 kW

12.5 EDT D-NET 12.5 kW

15.0 EDT D-NET 15.0 kW

22.0 EDE D-NET 22.0 kW

Westerbeke Sound Guard SST

Committed to maintaining our position as industry leader, Westerbeke introduces D-NET™ diesel generators with digital electronics and the first NMEA 2000®-compliant databus communications.

Factory-fitted with a NMEA 2000® databus, Westerbeke's D-NET™ diesel generators provide boat builders and owners a much more efficient wiring option, since all certified NMEA 2000® components can connect to a single cable. This cable not only supplies power, but integrates all onboard data communication through an array of certified controls, instruments, navigation systems and displays. Along with improved monitoring and control, D-NET™ generators reduce the need for running bundles of complex wiring throughout a boat, saving on cost and weight, while also simplifying and speeding installation of most electronic components.​

Westerbeke D-NET™ marine generators feature digital controls for easy, intuitive operations. Scrollable digital displays provide clear, detailed information and diagnostics with LED lights that allow at-a-glance monitoring of important functions.

At the heart of our D-NET™ system are reliable, low-RPM, quiet and rugged Westerbeke diesel generators. Westerbeke's D-NET™ products range from 5.0 - 33.0 kW. All are offered with Westerlink as their standard digital output bus, with the NMEA 2000® databus offered as a low-cost option.

These 3 & 4-cylinder marine diesel generators feature electronic governing to virtually eliminate "droop" when electrical loads are applied, and also employ a newly designed tuned air intake to further enhance quiet operation. Additionally, the entire system can be mounted inside an optional with stainless-steel base and framed enclosure with powder coated aluminum panels for the ultimate in "silent" marine generator power.

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