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Cummins 4B3.3M
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Cummins 4B3.3M

Marinized Exclusively by Trans Atlantic Diesels

65 HP @ 2600 RPM

Currently One Available

This rugged engine package is designed with the serious boater in mind. The max 65 hp is achieved at just 2600 RPM. At an amazingly low 1800 RPM this engine delivers almost 55 HP. Ideal for those long cruises. The low engine speed contributes to the high torque and durability of the engine.

Lower engine speed also equals lower fuel consumption, lower noise level, lower operating cost and longer life!

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Cummins 4B3.3M

In keeping this unit easy to maintain and operate some key features are:

The engine utilizes the highly proven and efficient one-piece combination heat exchanger, water-cooled exhaust manifold and header tank assembly. This greatly reduces the amount of plumbing on the engine as well as reducing the potential for coolant leaks. Cleaning and disassembly of this unit requires no more than a screwdriver. Remove the non-corrosive neoprene end caps and simply pull out of the tube bundle.

Cummins 4B3.3M

Jabsco Raw Water Pump:
Gear driven and flanged-mounted off the front timing cover, creating reliability and ease of accessibility for servicing. With durability in mind this pump utilizes not one but 2 sealed bearings.

Cummins 4B3.3M

Electric Fuel Pump:
The injector pump has a built-in transfer pump. For added reliability a back-up electric fuel transfer pump is fitted.

Cummins 4B3.3M

Deluxe Instrument Panel:
Oil pressure Gauge, Water Temp Gauge, Voltmeter, Tachometer incorporating LED Hour meter, Key Switch and spare momentary switch for accessory use. Alarm System Indicating High Water Temperature and Low Oil Pressure warning. Engine Shut Down via key switch to avoid the installation of manual pull cable. 10, 15 and 20 foot extension harnesses available.

Cummins 4B3.3M

Transmission Selection:
A rugged engine deserves a rugged transmission! For this we strongly recommend the PRM 260. This top of the line, hydraulically operated gear, will run continuously in either direction (your propeller rotation preference). A lock-up "get you home" feature is standard. Other features include external oil pump and control valve, and a split casing with cast iron construction. It is available with a 3.50 inch Offset drop or parallel output. Other popular transmission options include the Hurth HBW 250 and the Borg Warner Velvet Drive 71 or 72 series. A standard SAE #4 bell housing is used for simplifying the attachment of any commonly used marine gear. We would be happy to discuss fitting your existing transmission if desired.

Cummins 4B3.3M

Optional Replacement Exhaust Elbow:
Manufactured by Trans Atlantic Diesels, this custom fabricated stainless steel exhaust elbow has virtually same dimensions as original cast iron version.

Cummins 4B3.3M

Oil and Filter Changes:
Easy, a hand oil change pump is fitted as standard. Fuel and oil filters are both spin-on type. Change intervals are recommended at 500 hours for fuel and 250 hours for oil.

Double Crankshaft Pulley:
For driving other accessories such as a refrigeration compressor, a double groove crankshaft pulley is an available option.

Alternator/Belt System:
Standard alternator is 60 amp. 12volt. The standard ā€œVā€ belt is a Heavy Duty 11/16ā€ wide belt. If you require more 12v DC power, an option, either when ordering a new engine or as an accessory, is a Serpentine 8 groove Micro belt system combined with one of the Balmar High Output Alternator kits detailed below.

Need More Juice? We offer the complete package:
Upgrade your Cummins 4B3.3M charging system with the latest Balmar AT200 (200 amp) alternator with MC 614 smart regulator and the new serpentine 8 groove belt pulley kit now exclusively available for the Cummins 4B3.3M.

The serpentine belt kit along with the Balmar AT200 is designed to deliver approximately 200 amps of 12v DC power at amazingly low engine RPM.

Cummins 4B3.3M

For a full listing of charging systems, serpentine kits, transmissions and all available parts please be sure to view or download the 4B3.3M Parts Book below.

TAD Tech-Assist