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Perkins Powered Marine Diesel Generators
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Perkins Powered Marine Diesel Generators - TP30-II

Model TP30-II
Standard Enclosed Generator Set Features
  • Powered by Perkins 1103C-33G Tier II.
  • Single bearing direct coupled alternator with Class "H" insulation.
  • Weather protective sound attenuated enclosure constructed of marine grade aluminum.
  • Control panel (NFPA/UL Approved) mounted to enclosure with access door to allow exterior viewing.
  • Mounted on steel sub-base with 4 vibrating isolators.
  • 12 volt starter, engine mounted battery charging alternator.
View product brochure below for full details.

TP30-II *Standby Generator Set Ratings

Voltage Ph hZ Standby Output kW Prime Output kW Max Alt SkVA Standby Max Amp Output # of Wires
120/240 1 60 30 27 74 125 12
120/208 3 60 30 27 126 107 12
120/240 3 60 30 27 126 92 12
277/480 3 60 30 27 126 46 12
     *Standby ratings are applicable for the duration of any power outage. No overload is available at these ratings. Prime ratings are continuous per BS 5514, DIN 6271, ISO3046 & IEC 34-1. Overload capacity on prime-power ratings is 10% for one hour in each twelve hours of operation. All single phase ratings are based on a 1.0 power factor, three (3) phase ratings based on a .8 power factor. Ratings are established based on 85F ( 29C ) and an elevation of 1,000 feet (305 meters ). Please contact Trans Atlantic Diesels for information concerning derates for temperature, altitude & humidity.

TP30-II Product Brochure


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